Meet the Team

Arcus was founded by four friends who share a passion for wingsuiting and saw a need in the market to help others fulfill their dreams. All of our team members have various experience working in the skydiving industry, including dropzones, tunnels, and manufacturers.


Dan Darby

Dan has been skydiving for more than ten years, with over 1000 wingsuit jumps on various sized suits. He has over 1000 BASE jumps, including over 400 wingsuit BASE jumps all over the world. Dan is the wingsuit and BASE coach for the Alter Ego Project and has experience as a wingsuit organizer for camps and boogies. He is based out of Skydive DeLand, where he also works as an AFFI, Tandem Instructor, and videographer. He specializes in working with newer wingsuiters, both in developing skills for small suit PPC competitions and flying safely with others. Dan has also competed as a member of the US Wingsuit Team in 2017, 2018, 2019, and will be competing at the 2020 Mondial in Tanay, Siberia. Additionally, Dan holds the Skyderby world wingsuit speed record.


Steve Hubbard

Steve has 8 years and 4500 jumps in the sport, with over half of those being wingsuit jumps. Steve is an AFFI, has flown as a 4-way FS competitor, and has competed in various PPC, national, and international wingsuit competitions. Steve has worked for multiple skydiving manufacturers and is currently the Director of Competition for the USPA. Additionally, as a member of the inaugural 2015 US Wingsuit Team, the 2017 US Wingsuit Team Head of Delegation, anĀ FAI rated judge who served on the panel at the 2018 FAI World Wingsuit Championships, and as Deputy Chair of the IPC Wingsuit Committee, Steve brings to Arcus a high level of knowledge regarding national and international wingsuit competition. Steve currently flies a Swift 3, ATC 2, and Freak 3.


Alix Hubbard

Alix has 7 years and 1300 jumps in the sport, including over 150 wingsuit jumps. She has flown as a competitor on 4-way and 8-way FS teams since 2013, most winning a silver medal in 8-Way FS Advanced with Blocksmiths XP at the 2017 USPA National Skydiving Championships, and a silver medal in 8-Way FS Intermediate with Heroes 8 XP at the 2019 USPA National Skydiving Championships. Alix is a full time Board Certified Behavior Analyst, has worked as a manifest girl for various dropzones, exotic boogies, Nationals, and Collegiate events, is a USPA coach, an FAI rated Wingsuit judge trainer, a USPA nationally rated Speed Skydiving judge, was the Team Manager for the 2016 and 2017 US Wingsuit Team, the Head of Delegation for the 2018 US Wingsuit Team, the Chief Judge for the 2018 Wingsuit and Speed Nationals, and was on the Speed Skydiving panel as well as Chief Judge for Wingsuiting at the 2019 USPA National Skydiving Championships. Alix currently flies a Swift 3 and an ATC.


Ashlee Richman

Ashlee started skydiving in 2015 and has over 1000 jumps, with over 500 wingsuit jumps. She has been fortunate to have the instruction and support of Arcus coach Dan Darby. Ashlee competed in the Advanced category of Wingsuit Performance Flying at the 2018 and 2019 USPA National Skydiving Championships, winning a silver medal at the 2018 event. She loves flying her Swift 3, ATC 2, and Freak 3 and learning to progress in individual performance, group flight, and is learning the ropes of XRW jumps. Ashlee loves encouraging more women to progress in the sport of wingsuiting, attending multiple female records and events throughout the years.