We are happy to announce that Arcus Flight is the ONLY wingsuit rental service that offers complimentary wingsuit canopy rentals with our wingsuits (plus S&H).

We have partnered with both Squirrel, makers of the Epicene canopy, and Performance Designs, makers of the Horizon canopy in an effort to offer you, our customers, the best wingsuit experience.

If you are interested in demoing either the Epicene or the Horizon, please request one with your wingsuit demo request (subject to availability.)

*Note: We do NOT carry the Epicene Pro at this time.*


From the Squirrel team:

The EPICENE is specifically designed to deliver consistent and reliable openings while wingsuit skydiving. For us, this parachute has been a game-changer, and is now overwhelmingly the parachute of choice for the world's best wingsuit pilots.

A common sensation during the opening process of many parachutes is the stage when the parachute seems to be "searching" for the final heading that it will settle on. The EPICENE opens with minimal yaw-axis search, and delivers the most consistent heading performance of any parachute we have tested.

Arcus Flight currently carries the following sizes: 130, 150, 170, 190 sq. ft.

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From the PD team:

After years of development, we are excited to introduce PD’s first wingsuit-specific canopy HORIZON. The Horizon is a low-bulk 7-cell main canopy designed to be an easy ‘off button’ to end your wingsuit flight with as little drama as possible. The emphasis for developing this canopy was on eliminating deployment problems caused by the burble of larger wingsuits, without sacrificing a great flare or responsive handling. In fact, we think the Horizon has the best stopping power of any canopy in its class. Best of all, the Horizon gives you the ability to upsize as many as two full sizes compared to a non-crossbraced ZP canopy main, meaning you can fit a larger canopy in your existing rig for wingsuit jumps. No need for a new container!

Arcus Flight currently carries the following sizes: 135, 150, 170, 190 sq. ft.

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