Making the Most of a Wingsuit Rental: Interview with Natalie Paladin

Natalie Paladin took an Arcus rental ATC on an extraordinary adventure for a few months this year. After her third rental period ended, she received her personal ATC2. In light of her experience with the ATC, as well as the excitement of the ATC2’s debut, we decided to do a profile on Natalie Paladin to learn more about her, her ATC experience, and her wingsuit journey and plans for the future. Enjoy the photos from her adventures and the interview with Natalie below!

Natalie Paladin was all smiles after landing from a fun flight at AfrikaBurn. Photo credit: Aidan TØbias

How many jumps did you have before you got into wingsuiting?

I had 220 belly/freefly jumps before I put on a wing suit.

How long have you been wingsuiting, and how many wingsuit jumps do you have now?

Been wingsuiting for a year now. Altogether I have 207 WS jumps.

What did you do to prepare to jump the ATC? For example, how many jumps did you put on a smaller suit first, did you get any coaching or focus on building certain skills on a smaller suit first?

I jumped a Swift 3 for 130 jumps before getting into the ATC. I did coaching with some of the best and learned to back fly, freefly, and fly formation and big-ways before I thought I was ready to put on a bigger suit.

What was your initial experience jumping the ATC?

Felt great to be in a more powerful suit. It allowed me keep up with the flock of boys without as much effort, and create extra lift to stay up longer, helping me to not fall out in bigger formations.

In the 3 months that you rented one of our Arcus ATC’s, what was your experience like with the suit?

I was able to progress when I was ready to without having to wait on my custom ATC2 to come in. I got 3 months of training in with my rental. I was able to fly with more people and challenge myself with bigger birds.

It looks like you took the suit on a ton of fun adventures around the world… what are the best memories you made flying the ATC?

I took my Arcus rental all over the damn place. Took the ATC for my first ballon jump in a wingsuit. Took a trip to Skydive Arizona and Cape Town South Africa where I jumped into the Africa Burn. It was such beautiful experience to do a sunset jump in a little Cessna and land in the middle of the playa, to be greeted by a group of Burn goers.

Natalie and her Arcus ATC at AfrikaBurn. Photo credit: Aidan TØbias

What do you like most about the ATC? Do you prefer flocking, fast performance, cloud flights, ease of deployment, backflying… ? what’s fun for you?

I don’t mind a good flock with all my female friends! All female flocks are my favorite, but I really live for cloud flights, and speed performance. I like to go fast.

You recently got the ATC2. What are the biggest differences you’ve noticed between the ATC and ATC2?

I have only 7 jumps in my ATC2. Weather and Paragliding have been getting in the way. The biggest difference I have noticed about the ATC vs the ATC2 is the power. This suit goes fast! You give it the right angle of attack and poof you’re gone. When initiating transitions the suit requires smaller inputs.

What’s next for you in wingsuiting? Any other fun facts, plans, or exciting things on the horizon for you?

I hope to continue my training and progress into the world of wingsuit BASE. Also, I have partnered with LTBG to create a Women’s BASE Course that will take place all throughout Europe in 2020. Starting off at the bridge Croatia then heading to Brento, Italy and ending in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland.

Natalie and her Arcus ATC at AfrikaBurn. Photo credit: Aidan TØbias

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