I'm ready to rent a suit!

Arcus Flight offers rentals of Squirrel brand wingsuits. Each rental costs $250 for one month and includes shipping to the lower 48. Please review the suit choices below and fill out the contact form and a representative will respond within 24 hours.

Already know what suit you want? Contact us to place an order and receive 10% off a suit rental for each period until your suit arrives!


The Sprint is the go-to choice for the beginner.
Recommended for skydivers with 0+ wingsuit jumps, this introductory suit will get you on the path to learning how to fly. This will be the suit included with Arcus First Flight Courses.

Swift 3

Recommended for those with 5+ wingsuit jumps, the Swift 3 is the best in class suit for the beginning wingsuit flyer whether you want to flock, back fly, or train for performance competition.


For the intermediate wingsuit pilot with 75+ jumps, the ATC 2 does it all. Whether you want to flock, do acro, or just go fly fast with your friends, this suit is the "Mini Freak" of the Squirrel lineup that can stay with suits of all sizes

Freak 3

Already an experienced wingsuit pilot? The Freak 3 is recommended for those with 175+ wingsuit jumps and is Squirrel's all around flocking, backfly, and XRW suit. The Freak 3 upgrades include

  • New High Aspect Ratio Inlets.
  • New Seamless Leading Edge.
  • New Integrated Profile Gripper.