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So you’re ready to rent a wingsuit from Arcus Flight? Awesome!

Step 1: Fill out and submit the rental request form  on this website.

Step 2: You’ll receive an email from us confirming receipt of your request within 24 hours of your submission. We’ll confirm exactly what you need (suit? suit + canopy demo? rental needed asap or a month from now?). Then, we send you the waiver and contract for signatures.

Step 3: The waiver and contract will be sent to your email for you to fill out and sign with adobe signature. Sign and submit back to us for review.

Step 4: Once we get the signed waiver and contract, we send you the invoice. Pay it with a credit or debit card.

Step 5: We ship your suit! Once it ships, you’ll receive an email with the tracking info and user manual for your suit, too.

Step 6: Your suit arrives! Hold onto the box the suit came in for when you ship it back to us. You’ll also get the return shipping label included in the box, so hold onto that, too.

Step 7: Get your Freak on! (or Sprint, Swift, ATC… you get the idea)

Never flown a wingsuit before?

We have Sprints available for brand new wingsuiters. If you have at least 200 skydives and are either doing a first flight course through Arcus Flight or have a reputable FFC instructor, you can rent the Sprint to start your wingsuit journey! If you’re extra eager to get started and have 150 skydives or more, ask about our Sumo tracking suits available to rent.

Looking to try a newer/bigger wingsuit?

For liability reasons, we stick to Squirrel’s minimum guidelines for suit progression located here: If you think the minimums shouldn’t apply to you, we’ll want to talk to your coach to get their perspective, and we’ll make you put that in writing with another waiver.

We have a fleet of tracking suits and wingsuits available for one month (or multi-month) rentals. We have Sumo2s for tracking, Sprints for first flight courses and beginners, Swift4s for beginners and intermediate flyers, ATC2s for intermediate flyers, and Freak3s for more advanced flyers. If you’re wondering which is the right wingsuit for you at this point in your progression, get in touch with us at for guidance.

We also have free wingsuit-friendly canopy demos available for all of our renters. We offer Epicenes and Horizons in a variety of sizes and only pass on shipping charges to you. If you’re local to Skydive DeLand or visiting to do some wingsuiting and/or your first flight course with Arcus Flight, canopy demos are free (subject to availability). We also offer day and weekend rentals of our wingsuits when you’re local, so let us know if you’re planning a visit to DeLand and you want to try out our gear and fly with us while you’re in town. 

We also get asked a lot about whether we sell our rental suits or do a rent-to-own program. We do not sell suits that are in our fleet of rental suits because we need them available for renters. The only time we sell our rental suits is if they have been replaced in our fleet by newer models (ex: ATCs replaced by ATC2s, Swift3s replaced by Swift4s, etc.).

That said, we do offer suit sale services when you’re ready to buy your own custom suit. We can offer you guidance and measure you for suits, and we’re happy to help you on your way to buying your own wingsuit.

We love all of the gear that we offer to renters, and we’re confident that when you try it out, you’ll love it, too. Once you’ve had a chance to try the wingsuit you’re interested in renting, when you’ve decided you’d like to purchase your own, let us know so we can help you through the process to ensure you get a suit that fits you perfectly (and has whatever awesome colors, designs and add-ons your heart desires).

We can’t offer discounts on purchasing a new custom suit with Squirrel, but we do offer a discount on our suit rentals when you purchase a new suit through us. This way, while you wait for your new suit to arrive, you aren’t stuck on the ground and can keep flying at a discount! Rentals are 10% off when you purchase a new wingsuit through us. The discount also applies when you purchase a new Squirrel canopy.

Contact us

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