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Arcus is a full service wingsuit rental, training, and sales company designed to fit the needs of novice to advanced wingsuit flyers. We are proud to be a rental provider exclusively offering Squirrel wingsuits for the needs of all sizes and skill levels.

Not only does Arcus provide suits, we also provide the necessary instruction for individuals of all levels. Our coaches have extensive experience in delivering First Flight Courses, coaching newer and intermediate wingsuiters to prepare for safer group jumps and increased wingsuit performance, competition experience in Paralog Performance Cup (PPC/FAI) style, Wingsuit World, and Wide Open Wingsuit Series (WOWS) racing format competitions, and teaching and organizing flocking and XRW for boogies and camps.

Whether you have 200 jumps and are looking to make your first wingsuit jump (or fewer between 100-200 jumps and eager to get into a Squirrel Sumo2 tracking suit to prepare for your first wingsuit jumps), or if you are experienced and looking for coaching, ready to try out a new demo suit, or have decided on a suit to buy, Arcus can help fulfill your needs.

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