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Renaissance Man

Brief info

Dan has been skydiving for more than twelve years, with over 2000 wingsuit jumps on various sized suits. He has over 1100 BASE jumps, including over 400 wingsuit BASE jumps all over the world. In addition to being Arcus Flight's resident Wingsuit expert (instructor, coach, organizer, etc.), Dan is also a Squirrel Next Level instructor and is an experienced wingsuit organizer for camps and boogies. He is based out of Skydive DeLand, where he also works as an AFFI, Tandem Instructor, and videographer, and he can be found working at iFLY as a tunnel instructor, too. He specializes in working with newer wingsuiters, both in developing skills for small suit PPC competitions and flying safely with others. Dan has also competed as a member of the US Wingsuit Team in 2017, 2018, 2019, and will be competing at the 2021 Mondial in Tanay, Siberia. In 2019 Dan attended the 8th World Wingsuit League competition at Tianmen Mountain in China. Additionally, Dan holds the Skyderby world wingsuit speed record.

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+1 (386) 320 9787

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