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Arcus Flight offers coaching for any level wingsuit pilot – everything from First Flight Courses, to transitioning to your first “big” suit, to acrobatics, all the way up to performance competition training. Each coached jump includes a pre-brief and ground discussion of theory, as well as a video debrief after you land. If you’re receiving coaching at Skydive DeLand, we also provide free wingsuit demos for all coached jumps.


First Flight Courses include all of the following:


  • Two hour ground school
  • Free suit rental
  • Three coached jumps (slots not included)
  • Video debriefs
  • Wingsuit-friendly canopy demo


The cost of a First Flight Course with Dan Darby is $245 plus 6 slots (3 jumps for you and your instructor). Email Dan at or Ashlee at to schedule your course today 🙂


** Note: You must have a minimum of 200 skydives to start your First Flight Course (FFC). If you’re close but not quite there yet and planning on jumping at Skydive DeLand for your FFC, we have SUMO tracking suits available for your to demo and/or rent while you’re working toward your first wingsuit jumps.



Organizing and Appearances

Hosting an event at your DZ or looking for a wingsuit organizer for a busy weekend? We can come to you and bring experienced organizers, coaches, demos, and suits available to rent. We can also assist anyone at your DZ with their suit measurements and purchases when we’re on site.


To set up a session with an Arcus coach or to see about us attending a boogie or organizing at your DZ, please contact us.

Contact us

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